“Sophie’s Companion’s for Veterans”

Every 65 minutes research shows a veteran commits suicide and 30% have considered it! Sophie’s Foundation would like to thank these brave men and women for their services by bringing a companion, something positive into their lives so that they may build a trusting and lasting relationship that benefits the quality of life for both. One of our Veterans informed us that after receiving their Companion, the Doctor has taken them off two of their medications for PTSD, another Veteran with stage 4 cancer informed us they are now in remission. A Companion does work!

We are the “newest” rescues being trained and waiting for our hero Veteran.

We would like to introduce two of our Companions for Veterans, Rebecca and Kenneth!

Sophie’s Companions for Veterans would like to introduce two of our veterans training with their new companions. Both dogs have come out of shelters and are now in a loving home. These dogs are not just companions, but are comfort and strength for these two veterans. Kenneth is so in love with (Sadie Bug) as he calls her and has her by his side to help with his PTSD. Lumpy has been trained to now be a service dog to assist Rebecca in her Dr. visits and other appointments. She has indicated Lumpy is her saving grace and has helped enormously with fighting cancer.

Rebecca was a Specialist Patriot Missile Crew Member Maintainer for the Army.

She has been presented with Lumpy, a Rat Terrier adopted from our partners Paw Patrol.

Kenneth was a Sergeant/Tank Commander 19K20 on the MIAI Abrams Tank for the Army.

He was presented with Sadie, a Border Collie Mix.

Tony is a Veteran that served in the Army 3 years. He was part of the first troops into Bosnia. Tony and Jane indicated that the former K9 Marine Handler said she is one of the Best dogs she has ever trained and seen. Gigi has added a huge amount of love, companionship and loyalty to both of our lives. We love her! Thank you Sophie’s Foundation.

Jane and Tony were presented with Gigi, a Pit Bull mix we retrieved from Sacred Heart Animal Sanctuary.

Sophie’s Companions for Veterans is a project dedicated to helping the Veteran who suffers from a disability and would like a companion dog to assist in their everyday life.

These companions will all be animals from kill shelters (dogs or cats) or rescues only and will have obedience training by a certified trainer. In some cases they will be service dogs to assist with the disability.

All of these animals have suffered significant neglect and just want a “furever” home. Sophie’s Companions for Veterans will be matching an animal in need with a Veteran at no cost, to bring these two companions together. The Veteran to agree to take over care, vetting and love their new Buddy!

Interested in adopting one of our Veteran’s “Companion” Animals?

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