Learn About Our Two Award Winning Programs

About Sophie’s “For the Love of Animals” Foundation

In 2012 Sophie Kerrigan “For the Love of Animals” a 501(c)(3) Foundation was created to memorialize a young animal activist, our daughter Sophie that was killed. She adored animals and her dream was to help the ones neglected find a home, get them shelter or comfort in a rescue. Since Sophie’s passing,” For the Love of Animals” has operated many events to raise funds for the needs of animal sanctuaries, shelters and rescues of many kinds which in turn has helped easily over 1000 animals.

About Sophie’s Companions for Veterans

Another part of our Foundation that was started in 2016 is “Sophie’s Companions for Veterans”. Within this program we pull rescues to be trained as a companion or a service dog for a Veteran that suffers from PTSD or other disabilities that hinder their everyday life.
The results have been amazing to witness through connecting the lives of a rescue and Veteran.